Thursday, June 21, 2012

Investmentssss: Here goes nothing!

Not dead yet. In fact, much more alive today than a month ago.

Just dropping by though, since it's 12:16 AM and my shift starts at 8-sharp; I just wanted to get this one news out there. :)

We're (Mike and I) have long since tried to get our minds wrapped around investments. We've both done some readings from different resources both online and offline to at least have some grasp about the subject. I've always wanted to invest, I wanted to see my money grow exponentially over time, and I KNOW that investing is the only way to go, but the only thing that's just preventing me from doing so is knowing where I'm going to turn to to start it.

A couple of months ago I was debating over getting mutual fund investments OR dipping my hands into stock market investments. During the course of my self-learning, I know now that both are well and good, and if you have any knowledge about the difference of the two, you're already above the cut of the average knowledge of Filipinos about personal finance.

I thought I was decided enough to just settle for mutual funds via SunLife and Metrobank Investments.. These two institutions offer a very safe initial investment of about P5,000 to open and start the account, and a minimal P1,000 top-up in the duration of your account. I was already good with this, less hassle, but more vague. I admit that I settled on this decision because I was not brave enough to even think about really getting into the Philippine Stock Market. It's a crazy world over there. And because Mike was brave and crazy enough to push SunLife and Metrobank over, I have now jumped over the edge! I am now processing my application for BPI Trade.

These are exciting times, and even more so when our daily visits to The Philippine Stock Exchange, INC. and we try to read the charts and profiles of the different companies we'd love to invest in.

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