Monday, February 06, 2012

A Room Of One's Own

I'm not a brooding Virginia Woolf but I have heeded her quote,
"Women, then, have not had a dog's chance of writing poetry. That is why I have laid so much stress on money and a room of one's own."
So I commissioned some carpenters and masons to build me one!

Tis me. Holding a cupful of Tofu with sugar syrup.

 What started as a solid wall of pure cement, hollowblocks and long strip of metal has now transformed...

Viola!!! In under a month, I have a little room now!

BGM: Angelic trumpets of victory!

It's the smallest room in the world. But no matter how small, if it's your own little space, you will always have your heart set on it, right? I love my little sky blue room. I've named it "Bonus Stage"! Give me a bit more time to save for decors I will certainly give that name some credit.

For now, I am living on Minimalist style, with very little to no decors on the walls or around the room (which I surprisingly like, it's a dream for neat freaks like me, I admit) and just a few furniture like a closet, a small shelf, my wooden bed and a computer table!

Here's a picture tour of my room! With no extra cost! He he he!

They match well...
I hauled my old closet from my old room that I used to share with a niece... Then I got this little table at a whopping sale. From P1,060.00 to P500.00! More than 50% discount so I can't ask for anything more. Yeah! But I do wish I bought two but I was afraid the extra one wouldn't fit in my room anymore.

And on my shelves I have:

Kawaii! > u <
A plastic organizer shelf to house my skincare items, my small documents, and my jewelries, but I don't have real jewelry, only fancy ones, but I still keep them and care for them because they are all I have! And we have a cute Rilakkuma mirror that Mike gave me > u < it's really cute, so I put a ribbon on his ear, too...

On top of my organizer I have:

Some toy stuff that I love, almost all of them were given my Mike. Yojimbo from Final Fantasy Creatures Series (My dog's name is also Yojimbo!), a little nendoroid, and another Rilakkuma soft toy. The little tan cinnamoroll, which my friend Deena gave last year is also there. And that red thing behind it is a cherry tomato. I put it there for good luck. I don't know if tomatoes give luck, but I feel like they can!

Then on another shelf level I have my unread/to be re-read books!

And finally... Here is my little bed and table and my desktop PC!

When I wake up I just roll around and turn the PC on...
Pretty quaint...

I feel so settled and so at ease when I come home. I've often thought how precious privacy is... Now I get to have it FOR ALL ETERNITY! *Insert evil laugh*

But honestly, even after dishing out my entire "TRAVEL FUND" to fund this project, I can really say that this is definitely lasting, and gives me something to look forward to, something to clean (!) and something to take care of.

I love my room.


  1. I like how you just set your mind into something Aich, and then you just do it. :) I'm proud of you for having done all these by yourself. I wish I could be as decisive and productive as you are. :)

    1. Thank you so much Gil! It's awesome to hear from you!

      I find that when there's a really strong pull for me to do something, I do it. Sometimes you have this gut feeling... and when there's so much chaos there's always 'instinct' to fall back on! Haha

      I followed your blog! You MUST post more.


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